Hyvalift 6 ton kroghejs 06-33-S-1000


Fås også som 06-33-S-DIN, 06-37-S-DIN, 06-41-S-DIN, 06-45-S-DIN, 06-33-S-CHEM, 06-37-S-CHEM, 06-41-S-CHEM, 06-33-S-CTS,
06-33-S-CTS, 06-37-S-CTS, 06-41-S-CTS, 06-45-S-CTS, 06-33-S-POL og 06-37-S-POL.

Product Name: 06-33-S-1000
Capacity: 6 ton
Pressure: 280 bar
H: 1000 mm
X: 700 mm
O: 220 mm
L: 3300 mm
K: 58º
T: 53 mm
R: –
Ds: 596 mm
Weight: 763 kg
Minimum container length: 2800 mm
maximum container length: 4300 mm
Hook height: 1000 mm
Chassis height !: 1000 mm
Capacity class of hook loader: 06 ton
Capacity of the under carriage: 9 – 12 tons
!: Height of undercarriage reduces the capacity of the hook loader
*: Capacity is lifting and tipping capacity
**: Weight is system weight including operating fluids
Scope of supply: Including 40 liter Oil tank
Recommended: 40 liter pump